Let’s start out with this guy. This is a special genus of octopus called the blanket octopus (tremoctopus). This is possibly one of the most badass animals in the world.

Obviously, these are named after the giant webbing that connects the female’s main tentacles. This webbing is so thin that a newspaper can be read through the cape of an living female. The females can reach two meters in length. That’s nearly six feet for those of you who use the imperial measurement system.

The males have a specially modified third right arm which stores sperm. During mating, this arm detaches itself and crawls into the female. That’s pretty weird, but strangely intriguing.

Now, the most amazing thing about the blanket octopus is their defense system. Of course, like most other octopus species, they have ink sacs to obscure their escape. However, the blanket octopus is immune to the deadly toxins of the Portuguese Man-O’-War, whose tentacles the octopus tears off and uses to defend itself and kill prey. No joke. This thing literally stabs other fish to death with weapons that it rips off of other sea creatures. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty incredible.

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    this is why i don’t swim in the ocean.
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    This is why the octopus is my favorite animal.
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    When I become a mermaid, I’m befriending your species first.
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